Can-Am X3 Wheel Bearing Grease Tool (all models - 39mm)

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This tool is designed to add the ability to grease your wheel bearings without requiring removal of the axles and or entire hub assembly.

Our tools are proudly 100% designed and produced here in the U.S.A. with U.S.A materials. Feel confident that your hard earned money stays here.

If you have owned your X3 or other UTV you have probably learned of the importance in keeping your wheel bearings in perfect operating condition. With our tool you will relieve the strain of that time consuming task.

The Can-am bearings are known to contain little grease right off the shelf, so it is advised to grease your bearings now, new or old. A simple job will go a long way towards preserving the overall mechanical condition of your investment.

With the OEM bearing tool it is required to remove the axle atleast, and in most cases the entire hub it's self, adding hours to your maintenance time. With our tool all that is required is removing your wheel, brake caliper, and spindle providing wide open acces to the bearing. Then simply slide our tool in and use your grease gun to lubricate your bearings. Our tool has many benefits.

-Decrease maintanence time
-Decrease operating costs
-Decrease material waste from conventional greasing methods
-Increase Reliability of your UTV
-Low Cost
-Designed and produced in the U.S.A
-Precision machined with the highest quality equipment from 6061 solid Aluminum bars giving you a quality piece that will last as long as your newly greased bearings

If you are wondering if you really do need our tool. Consider this, the cost of one bearing alone will cost $50-$75 depending on brand, shipping, taxes, availability etc. Add in the time it will take you to replace them OR the added cost the have your dealer or shop do it for you. For the cost of one bearing replacement alone you are over half way to purchasing a tool that will simplify life for you.

Our tool features a benefits over the competition by being design with a double o ring seal to make sure the bearing is greased completely. The more grease inside the better!

Do yourself a favor cut down on down time an increase time on the trail! Order our tool today

Our tool fits all 39MM split bearings.